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About Us

RITE SPRAY is a simple, safe, effective and instant toilet seat sanitizer that ensures germ-free and safe toilet experience. It offers protection against germs, fits your pocket, is travel friendly, lightweight, mild and has a pleasant fragnance.

Why Choose Us

RITE SPRAY was developed in response to concerns about personal health and hygiene, particularly for those with small children who want to feel safe when using public toilets whenever they are out and about.

RITE SPRAY eradicates 99.9% germs & also deodorizes the toilet. A light weight bottle of RITE SPRAY is the perfect companion even while travelling. It is easy and hassle free to use and carry. RITE SPRAY Wet Wipes can also be used for added protection from dirt & germs. Try RITE SPRAY to Be Safe!

What People Say

  • This is really the best product that I have in my purse, believe me, it really helps to eliminate the stress of toilet infections.

    Nandini Talwar
  • There was a time when I carried a roll of napkins for germicides, in case I had to use the toilet, but now this little surprise of Rite Spray replaced all this.

    Shruti Sinha
  • I highly recommend using a spray for the Rite Spray toilet seat, which helps kill 99.99% of the bacteria on the toilet seats.

    Aarti Gupta
  • If you are concerned about personal hygiene the RITE SPRAY Toilet Seat Sanitizer is the ideal product for you to keep tucked in your handbag or pocket for whenever you are out and about, whether shopping, travelling, eating out or attending events.

    Renuka Sharma